Smart Inventory (RFID)

Smart Inventory (RFID)

Since 2007, many companies have adopted RFID technology
Barcode technology no longer meets the needs and requirements of companies of all sizes, prompting technology and information companies to seek a suitable alternative. The alternative is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

For many years, barcode technology has been raised on the top of inventory management techniques and sales and purchasing processes in companies of all types and sizes. One key flaw, however, was its inability to control inventory and inventory work. This gap is evident when we find that many companies are using, in addition to barcode technology, systems of protection and warning to adjust their inventory, and we find all companies inventory their inventory manually, which takes time and money extra.
With the great technological advances in the world, and with the increasing speed of business and the need to access information quickly and accurately, companies began to feel weak barcode technology and operating systems, and began to raise many questions in business communities about what and specifications of technology that can replace the barcode, Its gaps and at the same cost.
The answer to all these questions came quickly in early 2000 when a number of major international companies established a center called Auto-ID Center to develop micro-chips that do not need an energy source that can be combined with goods and goods. Companies have the ability to manage, track and adjust their inventory, assets and operations in a timely manner. Thus the birth of the new technology has become known RFID identification technology.
Since 2007, many companies have adopted the RFID technology to manage their everyday business from tracking and managing their fixed assets to inventory and control their inventory, etc. Many governments have even begun integrating this technology with their passports to facilitate the management of airports and embassies.

RFID technology remains unknown in the Arab world and in Lebanon in particular

Despite the enormous capacity of RFID to address and facilitate business, it is still not well known in the Arab world in general and in Lebanon in particular.
The number of companies providing RFID-based business solutions in Lebanon is only one finger, and the number of companies in Lebanon using the technology to manage their business is increasing. By mid-2015, there were 146 companies, but not more than 100 at the beginning of the same year, according to Tragging, which provides enterprise business solutions using RFID technology. The company also predicted that, according to a study prepared earlier this year, the number of companies using RFID technology in Lebanon to 200 companies by the end of 2015.

First, the cost of technology has declined. Over the past few years, the cost of RFID devices and equipment has fallen by about 60% due to the decline in the cost of production and the raw materials it manufactures, the entry of a large number of international companies in this field and other competitive factors.
Second: the great potential of this technology. What was almost impossible in the past has become a reality. For example, companies can inventory their inventory at record times and with high accuracy. The RFID reader can process and read up to 3,000 items per second from distances up to 5 meters. It also enables the user to track the places of goods and assets, and can be used in the field of security and protection from theft and waste in the retail and distribution companies.
Third: Reduce costs and expenses, so that the cost of storage and inventory and waste, whether due to poor storage or theft, using RFID technology at a rate of 90%, and companies no longer need an inventory team and days to inventory warehouses and warehouses.
This technology is a great step forward for companies in terms of upgrading their services and managing their business, and for their customers and customers by creating a unique experience for them.

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